Science & Technology Policy Fellowship Program

The Arizona Science & Technology Policy Fellowship (STPF) is a nonpartisan program to connect science with policy by creating and fostering a network of science, engineering, and public health leaders with expertise in government and policymaking, who are prepared to develop practical, economical, and science-based solutions to Arizona's greatest challenges.

Our vision is to establish a continuous and sustainable STPF program that provides opportunities for outstanding postgraduate scientists, engineers, and public health professionals to work directly within the Arizona Legislature's research infrastructure. Fellows will support decision makers by serving as in-house experts, providing immediate access to scientific and technical information critical for addressing important issues facing Arizona today.

Fellows will receive unique career growth experiences in public service and the translation of science into policy, as well as explicit training in government operations and science policy and diplomacy. Arizona's citizens will benefit from policies designed with greater consideration for science-informed outcomes across sectors, including water management, industry development, heat mitigation, and more.

Currently in its conceptual phase, the Arizona STPF program is expected to launch in fall of 2024. With this goal in mind, the planning team is working toward three main objectives:

  1. Securing support among Arizona legislators and identifying the infrastructure within the Arizona Legislature in which STP Fellows may best integrate and serve the State.
  2. Developing the mechanisms by which STP Fellows may be recruited, selected, and trained for service within the Arizona Legislature.
  3. Identifying and retaining funding sources to provide longterm support of a continuous and sustainable STPF.

The Arizona STPF planning team is supported by the National Conference of State Legislatures with funding generously provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The program is housed within the Arizona Institute for Resilience and will be administered and executed by the University of Arizona, leveraging the university's experience in science knowledge transfer and science policy, with support of an Advisory Committee comprising members from Arizona's universities, industries, and non-governmental organizations.

Please reach out to the Arizona STPF team to connect, learn more, and support the project: