Science, Health, & Engineering Policy & Diplomacy Initiative


Disease epidemics, climate change, marine pollution – these and other current and future grand challenges must increasingly be addressed in a transdisciplinary manner, incorporating science, health, and engineering expertise with policy and diplomacy.

SPDI (Science, Health, and Engineering Policy and Diplomacy Initiative) is a University of Arizona program designed to harness the best talent globally and to train students to serve in those roles.  SPDI offers an array of events and opportunities, including conferences, courses leading to degree certificates and minors, policy fellowships, professional training, mentoring, and resources for the Science Policy and Diplomacy community. 

The SPDI vision is to become a signal program in science, technology and innovation training and research among American universities.  Our emphasis builds on the UA strengths in collaborating with Latin America and specific regional challenges: food, energy, and water security, resilience and adaptive capacity to climate changes, improved health and quality of life for all, and promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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