SPDI Objectives


SPDI envisions developing strong educational programs to train graduate and undergraduate students, the community, and stakeholders across the region. We will also build international linkages, primarily with government agencies and universities across the Americas as well as other countries, to develop research opportunities and engage the broader campus community in those endeavors. The initiative will continue to develop our relationships with AAAS, NASEM and Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS). 

Specific Goals 

1. Enhance experience and training opportunities for UA graduate and undergraduate students in Science, Health and Engineering, Policy and Diplomacy fields through: 
     a. A broad set of courses leading to a certificate/Graduate Minor 
     b. Seminar speakers 
     c. Biennial conferences 

2. Broaden UA research/educational collaboration opportunities in the Americas and globally 

3. Establish UA as research/training hub for SPD